The Optimus Consultant Group



We all have a story.

It’s time to tell yours.

We all have a powerful story. We believe that story deserves to be heard. We help individuals, brands and organizations develop their vision and tell their story better through collaborative branding, marketing and sales strategy.

We provide premium services to give you modern tools and techniques to grow your businesses and help you design your future. Through strategic leveraging of website, social media, marketing tools and product design, we ensure you have one unified design aesthetic, message and feel that sets your brand apart and creates connection with clients and customers on a deeper level.

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As we enter the age of the entrepreneur, we at The OCG uphold a long-standing tradition of helping those who help themselves. We built The OCG to empower those who understand: where there is a will, there is a way. We serve as the backbone for individuals and organizations looking to take their hard work to the next level of engagement, growth and overall success. We do this by providing coaching services for every step of your journey.


From helping organizations cultivate power through core values and strategy, to storytelling through our visual and verbal lens; our process helps you illustrate the spirit of your business in a way that captures the hearts and minds of your clients and core audience. Utilizing tools such as photography, web design, social media, videography and custom product design, we combine our creative wisdom with your distinctive voice to bring your vision to light and set your brand apart.


Our sales approach gives your company the tools to learn from your history and innovate for the future. We facilitate systemized, scaleable people-first solutions to build effective, efficient and fun sales teams and company culture. Additionally, our full design integration ensures that the voice and culture of your brand reaches through every level of your organization to touch your target audience in one cohesive, signature voice.


For some, their aspirations often extend beyond their career and the boardroom. For those who wish to expand to building wealth through passive income, we have resources to help you reach all of your goals. In today's economy there are vast opportunities in real estate. We help our clients with the resources to locate, invest in and manage individual, investment and rental properties. To learn how the OCG can help you tell your story, please click the button below.